"Super   Syphon"

Click the image to
view the"Super Syphon" syphoning this 300 gallon, 4'deep aquarium.

aquarium maintenance tools

Here are two other larger AVI's of the
"Super Syphon" in action inside this 4' deep aquarium.
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AVI (754 KB)

We recommend connecting the "Super Syphon" to a 5/8" hose (3/4" hose for larger
aquariums).  With the "Super Syphon"
you can syphon the aquarium into buckets, down
a toilet, or directly outside.

Click the image to view a    
series of pictures of the
"Super Syphon"
     extremely well as a
       gravel excavator.
aquarium maintenance supplies

The "Super Syphon" is constructed from THICK 1/4" clear acrylic tubing and will probably
outlast your aquarium! 
We have used the same
"Super Syphons" professionally for years.

   Super Syphon-12"    AQUARIUMS   18"  HIGH         $34.95 usd
   Super Syphon-18"    AQUARIUMS   24"  HIGH         $39.95 usd
   Super Syphon-24"    AQUARIUMS   30"  HIGH         $44.95 usd
   Super Syphon-30"    AQUARIUMS   36"  HIGH         $49.95 usd
   Super Syphon-36"    AQUARIUMS   42"  HIGH         $54.95 usd
   Super Syphon-42"    AQUARIUMS   48"  HIGH         $59.95 usd
   Super Syphon-48"    AQUARIUMS   54"  HIGH         $64.95 usd


Please note that the model number is also the actual length of the "Super Syphon".

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