Custom    Scratch   Removal   kit

Have you ever seen a scratch removal kit that can remove scratches on both the INSIDE
and OUTSIDE of an acrylic aquarium?

We have made the perfect scratch removal kit for acrylic aquariums.

This Custom Scratch Removal Kit works with your Mighty Magnets.

The cloth sanding materials can be re-used many many times!

For INSIDE scratches we recommend using this Custom Scratch Removal Kit in tandem with the Mighty Magnets.  Place the coarsest of the materials (1500 grit) between the Mighty Magnets, directly over the scratched surface.  Then sand with each grit, working down to the smoothest of the cloth sanding materials (1500, 2400, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, and finally with the 12000 grit).  For scratches on the outside of acrylic aquariums, use the Scratch-Kit with your hand, in the same manner as described above,

This Custom Scratch Removal Kit works extremely well and rather quickly!

Custom Scratch Removal Kit is $74.99 + shipping