All of the plastic plants in this aquarium are secured by "Plant-Anchors"

These work GREAT!!!

Perfect for aquariums with large fish or cichlids!

Now you see it.                       Now you don't !!

Easily connected to your plants           Plants won't ever float again!!

Perfect for those "hard to keep sunk" aquarium decorations !

"Plant-Anchors" keep plants where you want them, not where fish move them.  They are
easily connected to your existing aquarium plants with foolproof "zip-ties."  We have been
using "Plant-Anchors"
professionally, without fail for years.

                                       Model #                  Quantity                      Price

PA-5 5 $12.99
PA-10 10 $19.99
PA-CASE 24 (assorted sizes) $39.99


All "Plant-Anchors" come complete with nylon "zip strips" for easy attachment to plastic plants.